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There's an analogy I like to use, which I call: "The Piano Principle"

Imagine walking into someone's home, and finding the living room dominated by a beautiful grand piano. You ask your hosts for a recital, to which they reply that they don't play. As you run your hand over the sleek exterior of this magnificent instrument, you think to yourself, "What a shame…"

I think human beings are like grand pianos - incredible creations capable of producing wonderful music. But too often that potential goes untapped. We think that greatness is meant for someone else, that we don't have the talent (the looks, the money, the time, the breaks…) And so we live lives "of quiet desperation," occasionally entertaining thoughts of "what if…?"

What if Mozart had hidden his talent? (Or Bowie, or, moving from music, Edison or Gandhi or anyone else who has made a positive difference.) I'm not saying that everyone should feel compelled to live that big, but if one has that inkling... It seems a shame that, as Oliver Wendell Holmes said,
"The average person goes to their grave with their music still in them."

Imagine a world where people felt free to share their grandest music and make
a huge positive difference. Or, at the least, were free from the negativity that
causes them to hurt themselves and others. Consider what would be possible.
That's a future I want to help create.

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