Thank you for your interest in working with me. Here are
the ways you can do so...

One-on-One Personal Performance Coaching

Ongoing coaching is ideal for maximum results in creating
the life you really want, and commitment is rewarded.
Each month includes four one-hour sessions.

6 months: $7200
3 months: $3900
1 month: $1500

Single sessions are also available for $425.

(PayPal offers "Bill Me Later.")

All my private sessions are conducted by phone or webcall,
as I work with clients around the world.

For private sessions, please click here.

Speaking Engagements/Workshops

Have you got a group that you'd like to help achieve greater
success, happiness and well-being? Bring me in to work
with them!

From a one hour talk to a full or multi-day workshop on
breaking down the barriers to greater performance, success
and happiness, I'm happy to share this work with your
group live and in-person, or by phone or Skype.

The fee will depend upon a number of variables, including
length of presentation, type and size of group, and any
travel considerations.

Please contact me via the Contact page.

Monthly Teleclasses

A live teleclass is part of my Magnificent Tappers Club.
This is a great resource for cultivating a successful mindset.

Check it out here: Magnificent Tappers Club.

Weekly Teleclasses

On hiatus at present

Monday mornings at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/6pm UK.
In these hour-long teleclasses we use EFT to clear various
issues that block our allowance of abundance in our lives,
such as beliefs that we are not good enough or not
deserving... and whatever else might be in there. The focus
is primarily on financial abundance, but issues around
health, relationships and other areas of life are often
covered. They also tend to have a lot of humor. :)

We will work together to get the results you really want!

Register here.

I love doing teleclasses!

• There’s great energy in a group!

• I am able to reach more people at one time

• The format helps the participants because sometimes what
we aren’t consciously aware of as something we need to
address is voiced by someone else

• They make it easy for me to make this work affordable for
more folks

• They provide consistent ongoing support

• They’re fun!

The classes are interactive – we deal with what is showing
up for the participants. It is often remarkable how the issue
voiced by one person affects most if not all of the
participants – because there is a shared energy, and the
class is a co-creation.

Space is limited—sign up today!

Note: These calls are recorded, and will eventually be
made available. Your registration implies consent to this.

Thank you.

For the highest good of all concerned, anyone with
distracting background noises or a bad connection will be
asked to keep their line muted.


Mondays at 10:00 am Pacific/1pm Eastern/6pm UK

Register here.

If being on the call live is not possible, archives of teleclass
recordings are available to members of the Magnificent
Tappers Club

For any questions about the teleclasses, please send an
e-mail to

* Subject to change under special circumstances.

Thank you.

Working with Brad
Brad Yates
“Brad is one of the most effective EFT practitioners out there -perceptive, to the point, and funny as heck. Although I'm very proficient with EFT on my own, Brad helps me cut to the heart of an issue more quickly than I could do by myself, and his humor and insights have been priceless. He was instrumental in helping me release a particularly stubborn problem-one I had had for 25 years and figured I'd never be over-and it was wonderful to belly laugh my way through the process. Yes, I'm feeling magnificent, and I give Brad much of the credit for making that possible. His wisdom, his unique way with words, and his obvious love of people are a gift to anyone who works with him.”
- Julie M., Adjunct Professor

“Working with Brad is an amazing "emotional fitness" workout. The workout routines are about exercising your release of will power, fear, and hopelessness while liberating your passion, confidence and faith. But maybe the best things about working with Brad are his hugely caring spirit and delightful sense of humor. If you think exercising your emotional weight off can't be fun, check out Brad Yates.” -Sandy K. - Certified Professional Coach

“Brad Yates's coaching was one of the most intuitive, direct-hit, useful experiences I've had.   Anyone interested in understanding the links between EFT and working with Spirit will benefit immediately and deeply from working with him.” -Mary C., Intuitive Counselor

“Brad is an awesome energy healer—very gifted. He heard what I said and then he used my feelings and the words to customize the EFT work in a very profound way. He used his wonderful gifts as a distance healer to help me fully move onto higher spiritual ground.” -Audrey O., LCSW

"I am really amazed at how powerful this work really is! And you, Brad, are truly MAGNIFICENT beyond measure!!! And you can quote me on that! :-)" -Debra L., Software Engineer

“Though I have considerable experience in tapping, I learned many valuable insights though your teleclass on using EFT to increase one's prosperity. Already I have noticed a significant shift in behavior. On Monday, as an example, I earned in one day an amount of money that took me nearly 5 days to accomplish the previous week. Thanks Brad!”
- Don B., Personal Performance Coach

“I am in love with your Prosperity Teleclass! I love your positive energy and your sense of Spirit, your compassion and gentle guidance. I love the way you bring in affirmations. I am enjoying the work thoroughly – you are a great teacher and tapper!”
- Betty M., Certified Hypnotherapist

“Good things have been happening! My life is actually pretty wonderful and abundant now, and I think a lot of what is going on is just getting me to recognize that by removing some old tape loops, and we've been doing that very effectively. And for me, to spend an hour just dedicated to that, and actually showing up and doing it, is a big step, and has value beyond what it may seem. For the first time I can remember, I feel I can plan for the future, because I don't have to worry about what's going to happen that will prevent me from fulfilling those plans. That's rather extremely cool. I'm really starting to feel like I have control over my life, and that's not something I've felt ever, even when things were going well. The internal changes have been amazing, really. And subtle only in the sense that they may not be obvious. But it all begins from within, of course. Thanks!”
- Charles R., Software Developer

“Brad - Thanks a million for the wonderful EFT/Prosperity/Abundance teleclass yesterday. It was a joy to practice with you. I can tell you that I benefited tremendously from the time spent together. I am a zero now and was a 7 or 8 at the beginning of the class. I definitely do not have any fear or attachment to money that I had when we began the class.”

“My experience is that you have a keen genius for evoking the provocative, both in your writing and in your work.”

“I've said it before, and I'll repeat it here (at the risk of redundancy): You rock!”

“As usual, the TIA call was amazing! Of course, it is your wording that has the most impact. Your guided images just keep getting better and better!
WOW!” – R.P.

“I feel the understanding you have and the intuition that guides you during the calls. It is wonderful!” - M.B.

“You have helped me in ways you may and may not know.” - C.S.

I love the intuitive improv EFT that you do.” - J.B.
“Thank you Brad, I really love and appreciate your dedication to help others. I love your "SALES BEYOND BELIEF" programs!” - L.J.
"I have had many astounding breakthroughs. Old scars that clearly have been blocking my ability to attract prosperity have been cleared.” - J.S.
“I really appreciate this morning.   Everything we tapped on was just what I needed.” - P.T.
“I love your EFT sessions!! You are great!! Your EFT abundance sessions got me an interview in 2 days and a job in a week and half.” - E.A.
“Your tapping went well beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for a  gift of value beyond measure.”  - D.K.
“May I just say...WOW?!” - J.W.
“Brad—Thanks so much for our inspiring classes. I find not only the EFT powerful, but your amazing gift of words as well. Shifts are happening instantaneously in my life now. Perhaps you should have a “buckle your seat belt” sign on your website—for your classes have certainly set a fast ride in motion for me.” - T.S.