As you continue to enhance the quality of your life, it is crucial to cultivate a healthy mental diet that nurtures your personal growth
and success. Here are some sites that have a lot to offer:

Emotional Freedom Techniques™ site: Lots of great information
on the remarkable things being done with EFT:

Dr. Carol Look also has great videos, manuals and CDs on weight
loss, smoking cessation, and success & abundance:

News for the Soul Radio with Nicole Whitney
The #1 Life-Changing Radio Show (Hear my NFTS shows here.)

EFT for Everyone
I'm honored to be a co-author on Gillian Morris's fantastic book.

Distance Healing Connect
I'm happy to be part of this growing community of folks offering
holistic health services at a distance via online, telephone or
education via correspondence.

Self-Growth The online self improvement community - a ton
of great resources to help you become the person you wish to be.

Getting Thru - Holistic EFT Site
To go deeper with EFT and holistic work, I recommend the
Mountroses' excellent trainings and materials, including their
Free Holistic EFT Manual and newsletter.
Great resources to help you become the person you wish to be.

Tom and Penelope Pauley—Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
- I love the Pauley family, and they have tons of great resources!

Also check out their fantastic
Quantum Selling Program!

EFT & Energy Psychology Workshops & Teleclasses

Bob Doyle—Wealth Beyond Reason! One of the best resources
for Law of Attraction material.

Steve G. Jones — Master Hypnotist - Steve’s work is great. We collaborated on “Confidence Beyond Belief!”

Dr. Joe Vitale —Has a number of great resources and books,
including “The Attractor Factor” and his Advanced Manifestation System for
spiritual growth:

Song Chengxiang and Morry Zelcovitch’ Quantum Mind Power
Great brain-entrainment technology to enhance your mindset.

Guy Finley—Life of Learning Foundation

Mike Dooley—Infinite Possibilities and the Adventurers’ Club
(Be sure to sign up for the daily “Notes from the Universe”

Betty Moore-Hafter, MA, CHt – (Betty has a wonderful manual)

Freedom at Your Fingertips! A great book co-authored by a bunch
of EFT experts

Jeff Keller — Has some great books and resources.

Source of Enlightenment - Locate Alternative Health, Metaphysical
and Spiritual Events Around the World and in Your Neighborhood

Extraordinary Organizations—Since you’re interested in moving
your personal life towards the extraordinary, you may also be
interested in making your business or other organization

The teachings of Abraham on the Law of Attraction

The amazing film “The Secret”

Useful Links to Other Great Resources
Brad Yates
If you or anyone you know needs support
with recovery issues, please click here: