(And somethat aren't necessarily frequently asked, but are included because they could be useful.)

How long will I have to tap before I get the results I'm looking for?

I totally understand folks wanting to know the answer to this, but that question sometimes feels like asking a personal trainer - sight-unseen - how many sit-ups one will have to do before having an "abs of steel" six-pack. It depends on so many factors - how far you are from the goal, what limiting beliefs are in the way, etc. It could be a "one-minute wonder" shift, and it may take great persistence, although there will certainly be a number of positive changes along the way even before a set goal is reached. I believe that whatever you are wishing to transform in your life, it will take less time if you do this work. The question is, are you committed to making that change, or only if it can be done by a Friday?

Q. "Do you know how old I'll be by the time I can play the piano if I start now?"
A. "The same age you'll be even if you don't start ... but you won't be able to play the piano."

Can you send me CDs or DVDs?

At present, all of my products are electronic for immediate download - I don't have physical products to mail.

With all my products, you should be redirected to the download page upon purchase. With Clickbank products, you should also receive an e-mail from them with a link in it. If not, please let me know the date of your purchase, and somone will get back to you with a link.

I can't (or don't want to) use PayPal (or, depending on the product, Clickbank)
- is there another way to pay?

Yes - you can send a check or money order in US dollars, or use Western Union or Moneygram. Not as immediate - you'll have to wait until I receive the money - but it's another option.

Will you be speaking live anywhere?

Any upcoming events will be listed on my Calendar page. And to be sure you know of anything I'm up to (or sometimes even just thining about being up to) be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. And I am always open to invitations... ;)

Why don't you provide coaching by e-mail?

Also known as, "Why can't I write you a long e-mail telling you what is going on in my life and have you send me a response that will fix everything?" I don't blame anyone for wanting that, and I wish I could do it - I really do. I do the work I do - including the YouTube videos (a free resource) - because I want to help as many people as possible make positive changes in their lives. But there is only so much time in the day, and like everyone else I have to make choices about how that time is best spent for the highest good of all concerned. And even if I didn't receive too many requests to keep up with (and I do) my best work with a client happens in the live connection we make - and that can't happen in an e-mail exchange. And... well, there are a number of reasons, but I won't bore you with them all. Thank you for understanding.

If your situation feels like it requires more support than is provided in my products, I recommend you work personally with me or another practitioner (see my Links page for possible resources). I understand that this may pose a financial challenge for you, and unfortunately I am unaware of any free EFT clinics at present. This is part of the reason so many of us offer free resources such as YouTube. But I also know that the magic is in you, and no other person is required for you to succeed in life.

Why won't you send a solo e-mail about my product/book launch?

I have been on lists where I get so many e-mails about different products that I simply unsubscribe - I feel that I am just a number on that list. I want my subscribers to want to be on my list, and to feel that I respect them. Yes - I could build up my list by doing joint-venture deals that include solo e-mails - but then it becomes a numbers game - hoping I sign up more people than are unsubscribing because they are frustrated. A lot of people run their lists that way - and that is fine for them. It's just not how I roll. ;)

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